We build PCB and electronic product prototypes here in our design and manufacturing center.  With a full range of equipment and staff, we give you the fastest turn-around of high-quality prototypes from high-end printed circuit boards to box builds.

We have in-house capabilities for programming ICs, building specialty magnetic components (inductors and transformers) and creating wire assemblies. We design prototype enclosures as well, and print them here or source them for you.

Our engineering team oversees production of your prototypes at every stage, collaborating with manufacturing for an edge in DFM and fast turn-around of revisions.

We may use manual assembly for the first PCB prototypes, followed by automated assembly for subsequent rounds.

Creating PCB prototypes on the same equipment we’ll use for final assembly streamlines the transfer of your design from new product introduction to full manufacturing.


  • Hand solder, including hot air soldering
  • Manual IC programming
  • Coil winding
  • Mini stencils
  • High-mix pick and place machines
  • Vision systems


  • Model shop
  • 3D printer
  • CNC mill
  • CO2 laser for cutting plastic
  • Lathe for turning pins, etc.
  • Tools for folding steel and aluminum
  • Small injection molding machine

Once you are happy with your prototype performance, we will provide several units (typically 10 to 100) for verification in your final system and for agency certification testing. Then we can move quickly to begin on-shore manufacturing.

Our design and manufacturing engineers work side by side to give you fast turn-around of revisions as needed for PCB prototypes and box build assemblies.

With electronic design, mechanical design and manufacturing in one facility, our design engineers stay close to your product throughout the prototype stage.



Contact us about creating prototypes and engineering verification test (EVT) units, for your design or one we create for you.
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