Got an idea for a product… but not the electronic design background or the time to figure out if it will work? We can help! Bring us your concept – even if it’s just a rough idea of form and function.

Bounce your idea off of our knowledgeable design team and watch it take shape. We’ll let you know what’s possible, and how it could be realized.

At the end of the concept phase, we’ll create a product development proposal that outlines:

  • performance and feature targets
  • cost and timeline estimates for development
  • estimated product costs

We will typically outline phases of development, with milestones, so you can see what it will take to create your product. The first phase may be a feasibility study.


Our team of experienced design engineers will help you determine if your new product idea is workable.



Contact us to discuss your concept and get started on a product development proposal.
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