We are constantly re-investing in electronics manufacturing technology. We have a full range of modern PCBA production equipment at our design and manufacturing center near Rochester, NY.


TWO (2) SMT assembly lines, each with:

  • Automatic board feeder
  • Speedline SP710AVI stencil printer
  • Mycronic MY300HX pick-and-place machine
  • Mycronic MY300EX pick-and-place machine
  • BTU International Pryamax 98 reflow oven
  • Nordson YESTech YTV B3 automated optical inspection (AOI) system


SMT assembly line for new products and quick-turn builds, with:

  • Speedline MPM/SPM semi-automated stencil printer
  • Mycronic (MyData) My9e MySynergy SMT pick-and-place machines (2)
  • Conceptronics 60 reflow oven
  • YESTech YTV B3 automated optical inspection (AOI) system


  • Xeltek SuperBot 5E automated robotic IC programmer
  • OKI (Metcal) BGA rework station
  • Hylax Technology 20-Watt UV laser for depaneling
  • Gensonic GEN3 stencil cleaner
  • Dry box storage for moisture sensitive devices (MSDs)


  • Universal Instruments Radial 88HT automated insertion machine
  • 30-foot adjustable extruded aluminum board handling rails with custom LED task lighting
  • CAM software with paperless assembly instructions at each station


  • Apollo Seiko J-CAT Stellar robotic soldering system
  • Vitronics Soltec Delta wave solder (lead-free)
  • DataPAQ Q18 solder reflow thermal profiling system (for wave and reflow)
  • Hot-bar reflow solder system
  • Metcal soldering systems


  • Austin American Technology HydroJet inline cleaning system
  • SCS Ionograph BT Series
  • PVA Delta 6 programmable robotic conformal coating system
  • DYMAX UVCS light curing conveyor


  • YESTech YTV B3 automated optical inspection (AOI) systems
  • Glenbrook Tech jewel box 70-T X-ray
  • Fischerscope X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • SMT Tools side-looking microscope for BGA inspection
  • Lynx vision systems
  • CableEye automated cable tester


  • Schleuniger wire cutter/stripper
  • Panduit CP Series ferule crimp press
  • Kingsing KS Series heavy duty rotary cable stripper
  • Amp K presses
  • KL-CX-01-2-09-1 Injection Molder
  • Mold-Man injection molding machine
  • Gamma Mark III Plus heat shrink label printer
  • CableEye automated cable tester
  • Various hand tools


  • Adams-Maxwell horizontal winders
  • Jovil JV75 hook winders
  • LCR meter
  • Various hand tools


  • Hylax Technology 20-Watt UV laser
  • Epilog Fusion M2 40 75-Watt CO2 laser
  • Fisnar F4200N dispensing robot for SMT component underfill and other tasks
  • Branson and Dukane ultrasonic welders
  • Haas TM-2P​ with 20 station tool changer
  • Vacuum thermal former to create custom-formed ESD packaging for your product
  • Formlabs 3D printer

Two identical SMT production lines feature the latest MY300 pick-and-place machines from Mycronic.

New Production Introduction (NPI) line has part feeders, pick-and-place heads, magazines and programming in common with the production lines.

Hylax 20-Watt UV laser enables precision depaneling of printed circuit board assemblies with no mechanical stress and tight tolerance on board dimensions.

YESTech YTV B3 dual automated optical inspection (AOI) systems identify defects such as missing, wrong or misaligned components; bent leads and defective solder connections. Paperless defect tracking streamlines rework and enables continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.



Rated at 45,000 parts per hour, the latest pick-and-place machine from Mycronic handles parts as small as SMT 01005.


This pick-and-place robot handles a wide variety of parts including QFP, BGA, CSP, flip chip and odd-shape packages at rated speeds up to 10,000 parts per hour.


These fast and flexible SMT pick-and-place machines are at the heart of our New Product Introduction (NPI) and fast-turn SMT assembly line.


Featuring an imaging system for repeatable results, this printer has high print accuracy and fast set-up time for high-mix, high-speed production of fine-pitch SMT assemblies.


For through-hole and mixed-technology PCBAs. The 88HT handles parts with 2-3 leads and three standard lead spacings. It clinches the leads upon insertion, for high quality solder joints and easier in-process board handling.


This high-end system supports high-volume mixed-technology PCB assembly. It features multiple pre-heating stages, three solder fountains, and a pure nitrogen environment for high quality solder joints. 


Robotic soldering gives us a controlled, repeatable process with quick change-over and ability to run multiple jobs simultaneously.


Lead-free wave solder with computer control allows us to store and quickly set up the best process for each board.


Pyramax 98 reflow oven supports the high-speed, high-mix SMT line.


Using this 20-Watt UV laser for precision depaneling of PCB assemblies, we can hold tighter tolerances on board dimensions and place components closer to the edges.


We use this 75-Watt CO2 laser to cut and engrave components used in customer PCB assemblies, create custom packaging, and etch or engrave markings into parts and assemblies.


We use AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) to identify defects such as missing, wrong or misaligned components; bent leads and defective solder connections. Electronic defect tracking supports process control and continuous improvement.


Automatic IC programming provides high throughput and lower cost for custom-programmed microprocessors and memory chips; enables same-day software updates for your boards.


OKI (Metcal) BGA and SMT rework station allows us to repair or upgrade your existing boards – and extend your product lifecycle.


Jewel box 70 T X-Ray system supports BGA and multi-layer printed circuit board inspection.


Conformal coating seals and protects PCB assemblies.The robotic system ensures high quality in a controlled, repeatable process.


This system speeds throughput of PCB assemblies with UV-curable conformal coating and adhesives.


Automated dispensing of gel conformal coating, adhesives, and SMT component underfill improves process control, reduces waste and labor costs, and delivers higher throughput.


This board washer enables thorough cleaning of  solder flux from printed circuit boards, even under BGAs and around fine-pitch components.


The ionic contamination testing system provides enhanced control of the board cleaning process. All test data is stored electronically, providing a complete production and product history.


We use 3D printing to produce detailed components from materials including high-temperature plastics. We print mold inserts for injection molding, in-house prototype enclosures, and a variety of tools and fixtures.


This machine automates wire stripping, ferrule placement, and ferrule crimping with an average cycle time of less than 1.5 seconds.


Supports custom cable assembly with co-axial, tri-axial, and other multi-layered cable stripping in up to nine layers.


This PC-based test system checks continuity and detects opens, shorts, mis-wires and intermittent connections in a wire harness or cable assembly.


Programmable for fast change-over in production of cable assemblies and wire harness assemblies.


We use low-temperature, low-pressure injection molding to over-mold elastomers onto cable assemblies for strong, flexible strain relief.


With both molding machines, aluminum or 3D-printed mold inserts support economical over-molding at any volume.


We use our X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to ensure RoHS compliance of incoming materials and for in-process quality control.


Ultrasonic welders seamlessly join plastic parts and are ideal for sealing cases and housings.


We create ESD-protective packaging custom-formed in-house to protect your product, reduce waste and simplify your handling and inventory tasks.


We are constantly adding electronic manufacturing services and equipment to meet the needs of customers across the United States and Canada. Consider Z-AXIS when looking for electronic manufacturing companies in Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo and the northeast USA.

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