PCBA services connect electronics components with the electrically conductive traces on printed circuit boards (PCB) to form electronic assemblies.


Looking for Made in USA PCBA services? Z-AXIS provides surface mount technology (SMT), through-hole technology (THT) and mixed technology printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services at our Phelps, NY manufacturing facility.


Our surface mount technology (SMT) production area features two high-speed, high-mix SMT assembly lines. Our Mycronic pick-and-place machines handle the smallest SMT components and support fast change-over between jobs. This means we can easily handle sophisticated SMT assemblies in both large volumes and smaller production runs.

A separate new product introduction (NPI) line uses the same PCBA equipment as the production lines, speeding transition from prototype and pre-preproduction into full production. We also use the NPI line to flexibly schedule small-batch runs on demand.

  • High-speed, high-mix pick-and-place equipment
  • New product introduction line
  • SMT components as small as 01005, BGAs and µBGAs
  • Full surface mount rework services
  • IC programming
  • Single and double sided boards
  • FR4, polyimide, metal clad and flex substrates


For through-hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies, we combine automated, semi-automated and manual techniques for through-hole insertion, soldering and testing. This allows us to provide the greatest flexibility, highest throughput, highest quality and lowest labor cost for our customers.

  • Automated radial insertion
  • Single and double sided boards
  • High power boards
  • FR4, polyimide, metal clad and flex substrates


  • Laser depaneling for small, precise PCBAs
  • Robotic conformal coating
  • Encapsulation and other PCBA protection techniques
  • Lead-free / RoHS assembly by default
  • Leaded process available on request


  • Parts sourcing and procurement
  • Obsolete and hard-to-find parts sourcing
  • Consigned inventory
  • Testing
  • RoHS compliance testing
  • Custom-formed ESD trays to protect your product, reduce waste and simplify handling

Our USA contract manufacturing facility features high-speed, high-mix SMT assembly lines and separate New Product Introduction (NPI) line.

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For through-hole and mixed technology boards, we combine skilled manual assembly with automated and semi-automated processes. 

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Innovative techniques, such as laser depaneling of finished PCB assemblies, deliver results you can’t get elsewhere. 

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We offer exceptional quality and service, regardless of volume, at competitive prices. Our goal is to build long-term relationships by anticipating and responding to your needs. If you are looking for a new EMS partner in the USA, talk to us! We are conveniently located near Rochester, NY.

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